My Skincare Routine | Lush Cosmetics | Review

My Skincare Routine | Lush Cosmetics | Review

My skincare routine using Lush Cosmetics products.

If you’re following me on Twitter (@namelessjeff) or on Instagram (@jyhphotography) you will probably know that I bought some Lush Cosmetics products at the beginning of last month. After using all these products for a month, I thought I’d share my skincare routine using Lush Cosmetics products, reviewing each product and sharing my first impressions and thoughts about them.

First things first, before using Lush Cosmetics products, I would only wash my face with neutral soap twice a day, when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed, and, occasionally, some tea tree oil for my spots. I’ve always heard nothing but good things about Lush Cosmetics products and I wanted to try them out. So, last month I went to my local Lush store and bought a cleanser, a face mask, a toner and a moisturiser.


My Skincare Routine


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1. Clean your face.

It’s the first, and obvious, step in every skincare routine. A worker from Lush recommended me this cleanser, as I told them I have combination skin (my T-zone gets oily during the day and I have dry cheeks) and it really balances and calms my skin.

  • What I UseAngels On Bare Skin (Fresh Cleanser)
  • How I Use It: I damp my face with warm water, grab a bit of the cleanse, make a paste in your hand with warm water, massage my face for 30 seconds, rinse with warm water and pat dry with a face towel.
  • Price*: 23.88€/240g (£18.10/240g)
  • What I Love About It: I still have some acne, sometimes my face would be a bit red because of my acne spots. This cleanser works wonders! My skin is less red, the smell is really good and nice, and because of the lavender and other natural ingredients, it balances and calms my skin.


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2. Make your skin glow!

This is a lifesaver. Literally. A friend actually recommended me this face mask and I can’t thank them enough for this face mask!

  • What I Use: Mask of Magnaminty (Face and Body Mask)
  • How I Use It: I apply it directly to my face with my fingers after cleansing my face. I put a little but generous amount, leave it for 10 minutes (good 10 minutes to scroll down my Twitter or Instagram feed) and rinse it with warm water. I use this face mask once a week.
  • Price*: 12.95€/315g (£11.50/315g)
  • What I Love About It: At first the smell of this face mask (peppermint oil and honey) was a bit strong for me but I’ve been using it for 4 weeks now and I got used to it after the second time I used this mask. When applying it to my face, it feels so soft and pleasing. After rinsing my face with warm water, I feel my skin exfoliated and fresh. It has also cleared up a few of my spots, which is why my friend recommended me this face mask, even though I’m breaking out again because of the hot weather here in Barcelona (hurry up, autumn/winter!)


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3. Toner your face.

This is another product that the same worker from Lush recommended me for my skin. I believe it’s suitable for all skins, even the most sensitive ones. Using a toner helps to  remove any traces of cleanser (or face mask) you may have on your skin.

  • What I Use: Eau Roma Water (Toner)
  • How I Use It: I spray it on a make up remover pad and swipe across all my face.
  • Price*: 10.95€/250g (£8.95/250g)
  • What I Love About It: This toner has rose and lavender water. The rose water helps to calm and reduce redness, whilst the lavender water helps to balance and soften your skin. After using it, my face feels so fresh and my skin feels more hydrated.


And last, but not least…


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4. Moisturise your face.

This is the last, but very important, step of a skincare routine. This was another product that the same worker from Lush recommended me for my skin. This moisturiser is really great if you don’t know what your face needs. It’s a light, balancing moisturiser loaded with plant infusions of lavender, St John’s wort, sweet violet, and more. It helps to restore and revive skin.


  • What I Use: Imperialis (Moisturiser)
  • How I Use It: I dip the tips of my index and middle fingers to the moisturiser and apply it to my face.
  • Price: 17.50€/45g (£14.95/45g)
  • What I Love About It: I really love the smell of this moisturiser and leaves my skin calmed, soft and hydrated. You don’t need to use a lot of it to moisturise your entire face and it will last you for a month or so.


As you can see from the prices above, I bought the biggest product of everything, as I made my numbers and it’s more cheaper this way, as the biggest products will last you a lot longer than the smaller ones, even though I’m almost run out of the Imperialis moisturiser, as they only have it in 45g.

As for Lush, I love all the products I got and I will be definitely be buying more products from them! And the fact that they don’t test on animals in any of their products makes me love Lush even more! Another thing I love from Lush is that they give you free samples. You can choose whatever you want to try or they can recommend you their best-selling products or the products that will work best on your skin. When I went last month, I got a free sample of one of their hand creams, Helping Hands. It’s very calming, it smells amazing and is quickly absorbed into the skin (one of the main reasons why I love this hand cream!). It leaves my hands moisturised and soft for a very long time. The other free sample I got was a shower gel, Happy Hippy, it smells so good, so citrusy and so fresh. It was the one that got my attention from the other shower gels they showed me. I can’t wait to go back to Lush very soon!


Do you have a skincare routine?





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Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by Lush Cosmetics or any other brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own.
  • I’ve never actually tried too much skincare from Lush! I think I’m gonna have to pick up a few bits haha

    • Hey Tery,

      Their skincare products are actually really good! Let me know your thoughts on them after you try them! X

      Jeff. | NAMELESSJEFF

  • I had never read a skincare routine from a man point of view. Not so different from mine actually. I have never tried lush products but I really feel i am missing out!

  • I’ve never been into skin care products myself. But my wife is a big fan of Lush and they are local to us too now so thats always a big bonus to push. I do like to go into their shops though as always amazing smells.

    That said, there was one product that had some aid in removing some dry skin so that was good

    • Hey Sean,

      I think having a skincare routine is important. As we take care of ourselves everyday, we should also take care of our skin too! Their shops do really smell amazing and the staff is always so lovely and helpful!

      Jeff. | NAMELESSJEFF

  • Hey Kayleigh!

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! X


  • Anna C

    I love lush but have never used their skincare before. I will definitely have to try out a few bits. Lovely post!

    A x |

  • Yesss! I absolutely love Lush’s products. Their face masks are just the BEST! love this post and it’s nice to see your skincare routine!

    sami //

    • Hey Sami,

      They’re amazing, aren’t they? And thank you so much, I really appreciate it! X

      Jeff. | NAMELESSJEFF

  • ♕connor

    i don’t actually have a skincare routine…. yes i know it’s bad!! i need to change my ways and look after my skin better, any other recommendations?

    great post by the way! p.s. i see that lil’ Lana Del Rey mag in the image, haha!!

    • Hey Connor,

      Hmmm, if you want a basic and affordable skincare routine, just wash your face with neutral soap and warm water twice a day! Otherwise, I’d recommend you go to your local Lush and talk to them about your skin and they will find the best products for you and your face! Also, thank you! And yeah, that’s her. I love her, haha! X

      Jeff. | NAMELESSJEFF

  • I’ll have to give angels on bare skin a go. I use the lush coalface soap, but that’s sometimes a little too drying for my skin since it really sucks up all the oil.
    Aleeha xXx