2017 was a roller coaster.

Another year has gone by and I was so ready to start the new year. 2017 was a roller coaster. First things first, Happy New Year! I hope you guys had an amazing time with your friends and family. Secondly, at the beginning of 2017 I wrote my 2017: A Year in Preview post, with five resolutions/goals for the year and I told you guys I’d do another post to see if I did stick to my resolutions/goals or not.


  • The first one was improve content (create more new and interesting posts, learn more about photography…) which I personally think I did it pretty good. I’ve put a lot more work in my posts, thinking of new visuals and ways to do my flatlay photos, like on my My Skincare Routine post or my Montserrat In 5 Minutes postI’ve also learnt more about photography and also videography these past months, you can read more about this on my Back At It Again post.


  • The second one was explore new places. Even though I didn’t leave my city, I’ve actually explored new food and interesting places in 2017. I went back to one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants for my 21st Birthday and tried new plates, you can read more about this on my A Life Update post, I’ve also went to a new Taco Bell opening and ate a delicious crunchwrap menu. They even gave us free Taco Bell t-shirts! How cool, right? I’ve also tried Tampopo Ramen from Udon, another favourite restaurant of mine. My family also went to a place called Ramen House, where they serve so many different types of ramen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go when they went. I can’t wait to go there one day and try their ramen. I’ll definitely write about it!


  • The third one was start a YouTube Channel. I only posted one video in 2017 about my yearly trip to Montserrat. I thought I was ready to finally start a YouTube channel in 2017 but, clearly, I wasn’t. Instead of launching my own YouTube channel, I will be starting one with my twin brother and one of my cousins very soon. I’ll keep you guys updated on this one and hopefully we’ll stick to it this year.


  • The fourth one was be more healthy. I did really good on this one. I’ve been drinking more water thanks to an app called Water Reminder. This app has been a lifesaver for me, as I used to always forget to drink water. I also don’t eat as much as junk food I used to eat in 2016 and I’m actually so proud of myself.


  • The last one, but not less important, was be more organised, which I kind failed in this one, as I haven’t posted in more than two months and I also took a lot of blogging breaks during the year, which I don’t think they are bad at all, but I could’ve been better at being more organised.


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Overall, I think I did pretty good and I did stick to almost all of my resolutions/goals for 2017. I’m really excited to see what brings us 2018.



Jeff. x


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