A day in Manila, Philippines.

One of my main “to-see“, “to-visit” or however-you-want-to-call-it things that was on my trip list was to visit Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Even though I’ve been to the Philippines before, I’ve never visited Manila, as I was staying in Batangas and didn’t get the chance to go and visit Manila. Fortunately, it happened this year and it was such a chaotic yet amazing experience.




A Day In Manila




NGL, Manila is probably one of the most chaotic cities I’ve ever been. There’s A LOT of traffic since early in the morning, and I’m not exaggerating; but also, there’s SO much to do and SO much to see that it makes it worth it.

First of all, we stopped at Jollibee’s for a quick breakfast before jumping into an Uber to IntramurosManila. I wanted to visit Intramuros because it has a lot of history. Intramuros (“inside the walls” in English) was where the Spanish Colonial Period took place back in 1571 until 1898.





While in Fort Santiago, inside Intramuros, we visited the José Rizal Museum. Rizal was a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. After that, we went on a Tour with a tour guide. We couldn’t finish the whole tour, because we had to go to another location, but it was super interesting visiting places where the Spanish Colonial Period took place. I definitely want to go back to Intamuros and do the whole tour on my next trip to Manila.








After leaving Intramuros, we went to the Venice Grand Canal, in Taguig. It’s a big mall inspired by the actual Venice, in Italy. I had high expectations about this place, as I’ve heard about it and seen photos before, but when I was actually there, it wasn’t that surprising nor that exciting. It was beautiful, though. They have a lot of Filipino restaurants, as well as International fast-food restaurants (like Wendy’sStarbucksTGIFridays…), there was even a restaurant that had Spanish food! After wandering around the restaurant area, we decided to eat at Juan’s Bistro, a Filipino bistro.







As you can see from the photos above, we ordered a lot of food. And yes, everything was so delicious. After that, we went outside to take some photos at the bridge. It wasn’t that packed, so it was easy to take a good photo. Then, we ordered another Uber and we went to the Mall of Asia, probably the biggest mall I’ve ever been to. You can literally find anything, from Filipino shops and restaurants to a lot of International shops and restaurants. I’ve also noticed there were a lot of US brands in this mall. This mall is divided in 4 massive wings (North, South, East, West) and they are planning on opening more shops (like, WHAT?!).

I bought some souvenirs at Kultura, a Filipino souvenir shop and got some things for my family and also for myself. Then, we just wandered around to kill some time. Before going to the bus station, we went for a quick snack at Wendy‘s. It was my first time at Wendy’s, as we don’t have it in Spain, so I was excited to try it. I ordered a chicken nuggets menu, a Sundae with Oreo and a Mango iced tea. First impressions? It was good. I’d like to say, even better than the chicken nuggets at McDonald’s, to be honest. After Wendy’s, we went to the bus station for a 3 hour bus journey back home. Manila at night is still super chaotic but so beautiful, with all the city lights on.





Where do you want to travel next?



Jeff. x


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