What I’ve been currently wearing, watching, listening and loving this month!

Two months of 2018 left and my excitement for Christmas is getting higher every week. We’re only 8 weekends away from Christmas. Can you believe it? Anyway, this month has been a month about learning new things, experiencing new things and I really can’t wait for what’s to come!


Currently | October Edition

Currently | October Edition


What I’m Currently Wearing

  • Stripped Shirt (Penshoppe) — If you know me, you’d know I don’t usually wear too much colour in my outfits, however, I’m always down to try new things and I really liked this stripped shirt from the Penshoppe x Zayn Collection. It has black and yellow stripes and it’s a really comfy shirt!


What I’m Currently Watching

* (Don’t worry — No spoilers!) *

  • A Star Is Born (2018) — If you haven’t watched A Star Is Born yet, what are you doing? Even though I haven’t watched the older versions of A Star Is Born, I have to say that this is probably my favourite film of the year (sorry, The Greatest Showman) and not because one of my inspirations — Lady Gaga, in case you didn’t know — is in this film, but because it’s so beautifully done, from the beginning til the end. Bradley Cooper is an amazing director and actor and well, I have no words to describe how proud I am of Gaga. I really hope A Star Is Born wins at the Oscars and Grammys next year.
  • I Feel Pretty (2018) — I actually watched this film last month during my flight back home and I just love Amy Schumer so much. If you like having a good time, a good laugh and learn something beautiful, you will love this film! Also, Michelle Williams and Naomi Campbell are in it!


Currently | October Edition

Currently | October Edition


What I’m Currently Listening

  • A Star Is Born (Soundtrack) — This soundtrack is heaven to my ears. I may or may not have been listening it on repeat for the past two weeks, ever since I saw the film. I can’t pick a favourite track because the entire soundtrack is amazing, but the ones that really got into me are ShallowAlways Remember Us This Way, Is That Alright?Before I Cry and I’ll Never Love Again.
  • Taki Taki by DJ Snake with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B — This song just gives me really good vibes and the music video is just really amazing!
  • 1999 by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan – I’ve always loved Charli and Troye’s music and they didn’t disappoint. The music video is SO iconic and makes me wanna go back to 1999, to be honest.
  • Crazy Kind by Sarah Close — I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days. It’s just so good and catchy! And the music video was shot in Barcelona, which was pretty cool to watch!
  • Suncity (EP) by Khalid I really *LOVE* Khalid and I was really excited for his new EP Suncity. My favourite tracks are VertigoSaturday NightsBetter and Suncity (feat. Empress Of).


You can listen my favourite tracks of these albums and my favourite songs at the moment on my October 2018 playlist on Spotify. Just click here!


What I’m Currently Loving

  • Repairing Hand Cream (Feel Free) — I’m always in the look for new essentials and I found this one at my local supermarket. It’s a repairing hand cream with Sweet Almond oil, Orange oil, Chamomile extract & Vitamin E. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and ingredients from organic farms. This hand cream leaves your hands so soft and it has a  nice, not too strong citrus-y scent.
  • Overnight Oats — I love eating oats — porridge, oat cookies, you name it… — but I’ve actually never tried overnight before, until this month. I’ve made Brownie Batter Overnight Oats  and also Cinnamon Rolls Overnight Oats. My favourite one is the Brownie Batter Overnight Oats as I just *LOVE* chocolate more than cinnamon, but they both tasted SO good! — If you would like the recipe, let me know!


If you have any suggestions, questions or anything, leave a comment below or tweet me.


Currently | October Edition


What are your favourites of the month?



Jeff. x


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Currently | October Edition

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