What I’ve been currently wearing, watching, listening and loving this month!

It’s been months since my last Currently post, but I’m ready to bring this series back. First of all, I feel like this month flew by. Actually, I feel like this year flew by. Like, we’re already in our last three months of 2018, like WHAT?!?! but it’s all fine because my favourite time of the year is coming, and no, I’m not talking about Halloween, I’m talking about CHRISTMAS! — Is anyone else excited for Christmas? — Anyway, enough Christmas talking. There will be time to talk about it later. Without further ado, let’s get right into the post.


NAMELESSJEFF - Food · Lifestyle · Music · Travel


NAMELESSJEFF - Food · Lifestyle · Music · Travel


What I’m Currently Wearing

  • Oversized Denim Jacket (Primark— I’m no fashion expert, but I think denim jacket —or denim in general— will never go out of style. This denim jacket —that I got last year at Primark— is a good transitional weather piece of clothing, as here in Barcelona, still feels like summer by day, but it gets a lil chilly by night. The patches give the jacket a vintage-y look, I even added more patches and probably will add more in the future. Why oversized? Well, I *LOVE* oversized jackets, they make me feel more comfy and cosy.
  • RS-0 Play Sneakers (Puma— These sneakers are super comfortable. It has that chunky sneakers trend, which I’ve personally always loved. I don’t usually wear lots of colours on my outfits, but the red, blue and yellow details give them a vintage-y look.
  • Merch T-Shirts — I think merch t-shirts go with literally everything, they never get old and what a better way to express your music taste through style?
  • Mini Crossbody Bag (Zara) — I’ve been using this mini crossbody bag for a couple of months now. It has plenty space on the inside for my personal belonging — including my DSLR! — and it goes with everything!

What I’m Currently Watching

(Don’t worry — No spoilers!)

  • La Llamada (2017) — La Llamada is a Spanish musical/comedy film by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. I watched it on the plane when I was coming from my vacay trip and it was super funny and also entertaining. The cast was amazing as well, with some familiar faces (for me), like Belén Cuesta, Macarena García or Anna Castillo from the Original Netflix show Paquita Salas.
  • Younger (2015) I’ve talked about this series in the past but I can’t help it, I’m SO obsessed with this series! There is always some drama going on, but there’s also rom-com and it’s just SO. GOOD. I definitely can’t wait for Season 6!


NAMELESSJEFF - Food · Lifestyle · Music · Travel

What I’m Currently Listening

  • Sweetener by Ariana Grande — Ariana is probably one of my favourite artists and I really loved how she tried to experiment with different sounds and vibes on this record. My favourite tracks are, a part of the promotional singles, sweetenereverytimebreathin and goodnight n go.
  • Malamente by Rosalía — Flamenco isn’t a genre I listen on the daily, but Rosalía is super talented and gives flamenco another whole vibe. The lyrics of this song are so good and the music video is just a work of art. Rosalía is pure talent and art. Definitely can’t wait for her new album El Mal Querer!
  • Estamos Bien by Bad Bunny — I used to listen to latin music when I was an early-teenager but stopped listening until these past couple of months. This song gives me such good vibes and I *LOVE* the vintage-y music video for this song.
  • Bloom by Troye Sivan — This album is just SO good. It was really worth the wait, but I wished it was longer, to be honest. My favourite tracks are, a part of the promotional singles, What A Heavenly Way To DiePostcard with Gordi, Lucky Strike and Animal, this last one being my personal favourite.
  • Mad At You by Noah Cyrus & Gallant — Their voices sound so good together. I love Noah’s raspy voice. And the lyrics are just everything.
  • Mariners Apartment Complex and Venice Bitch by Lana Del Rey — If you know me, you’ll know Lana is one of my favourite artists of all times. When she released Mariners Apartment Complex it reminded me of her old beginnings but with some new touches/vibes. With Venice Bitch I was shocked. It’s another whole vibe and I’m here for it. I’m so excited to see what happens next on this new Lana Del Rey Era!
  • GTFO by Mariah Carey — I love the vibe of this song and the music video. And the lyrics are my mood 24/7, to be honest.


You can listen my favourite tracks of these albums and my favourite songs at the moment on my September 2018 playlist on Spotify. Just click here!


NAMELESSJEFF - Food · Lifestyle · Music · Travel


What I’m Currently Loving

  • Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur — I took this book with me during my summer vacation trip in the Philippines and I absolutely loved it. I know I’m  not the best reader and that I should read more often, but I really do enjoy reading books, especially poetry books. This poetry book in particular, really inspired me.
  • Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman — I saw the film in July and, to be honest, I don’t know why it took me SO long to watch it. This film really wrecked my heart into a million pieces and I really wanted to read the book to know more about the story of Elio and Oliver. I’m currently reading this book, and I’ve been loving it so far!
  • Aloe Vera Gel (BeautyMNL) — One of my cousins in the Philippines actually recommended me this Aloe Vera Gel for my acne and it works wonders! It’s a soothing gel with California aloe vera that can used to moisturise your face, arms, neck… I only use it on my face during my night skincare routine and it’s so soothing and calming and it really helps with the redness of my acne spots. I’ve only been using it for almost a month and my skin already looks better. Can’t wait to see how my skin looks like after a couple of months later!
  • L’Homme (Yves Saint Laurent) — I got it at the beginning of this year on my lil day trip to Andorra and I really like the scent of it and it lasts for hours!


If you have any suggestions, questions or anything, leave a comment below or tweet me.


What are your favourites of the month?



Jeff. x


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NAMELESSJEFF - Food · Lifestyle · Music · Travel

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